I’m A King in the making (2x)
See! Make you no dey underrate me (2x)

Verse 1
Am a king am not ordinary
High class being extraordinary
God’s own best, am not like everybody
Am god in flesh, god in man, don’t call me a nobody
Am born again call me son of God
No suit no tie but am a man of God
And We balling everyday with too much grace on us
We balling every day too much grace on us
And We pay no bill Christ has paid the cost
When He laid down his life and he died on the cross
Then He took away the crown and he gave it to us
Now we are born without a doctor or nurse
Heh! We don’t brag by what we see
Not the money not the cars, not the Hennessy
We got the God kind of life that’s why we talk like this
A life superior to death, sickness and disease

Verse 2
Even the Bible calls me a king, not a fantasy
Revelation 5 verse 10, embrace the reality
Now you know I’m a king I got authority
I can say it again with no apology
Talking down on your self is not humility
In the sight of God that’s stupidity
You don’t know who you are that’s just the thing
When you gat God yes you gat everything
We don’t do the rigging no Grace is not fair
Christ paid the price I just got to live well
We got divine authority may be you aren’t aware
Angels got your back, they can go anywhere
Royalty runs in my DNA
And I live the life of a king everyday
No be me talk am Na the Bible say
1st Peter 2 verse 9 this one no be play

Verse 3
Say to yourself say “I’m a king
Say to yourself say again “I’m a king”
Say to someone say “I’m a king”
And my reign shall be for ever more
We rule the world with our words no be muscle
No need for the struggling life no be royal rumble
With words we make the devil dem dey humble
Cus we have the holy spirit we no dey struggle
Life and death is right there in your tongue
You wanna rule the world you can do that with your words
Don’t believe you are a nobody heh that’s wrong
Don’t accept you are ordinary that’s still wrong
Slaves begat slaves and kings begat kings
If you are born of God then you must be king
I don’t know about you for me I’m a king
Cus where I come from we are all kinging


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